Choosing best laptop CPU (share your experience)

My first laptop had Intel i7-8565U CPU with single core performance ~2000 points. It was okay, but browsing experience was very laggy and jittery. After few years I bought new notebook with Intel i9-13980HX - best mobile CPU at this moment with with single core performance ~4400 points. Browsing is smooth and cool. VMs starting for 6 seconds, instead of 12, but still, there is 2% frame drops watching 2k 60fps VP9 video from youtube, and CPU overclocking didnt help. So I think, current bottleneck is not CPU (if not cpu then what?)

Now I want to buy a laptop with Qubes OS for my friend as a present and I want him to have best possible experience with it.

The problem is: I think 13980HX is too much and 8565U too bad. So there should be some CPU with best performance and price.

If you use laptop and your fullhd browsing experience is perfectly smooth on heavy loaded web pages, and VMs are starting in range of 6-8 seconds, please share your laptop CPU and experience.

I use the Purism Librem 14 v1, with the Intel i7-10710U for the CPU. I have 64 GB of DDR4 RAM @ 2666 MHz. I have had an excellent experience, but I shelled out big bucks for my specific configuration a few years ago.

I avoid most websites with bloat now though, but almost all websites I have ever encountered so far has had no issues. The only one that was problematic was Twitch, so due to this and other reasons, I stopped using it entirely in favour of other livestreaming services. Twitch takes longer to load than other websites, and the fans get louder than usual due to real-time transcoding.

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Anyone with 12700h or 6800h experience? (or maybe cheaper ryzen zen3 / intel 12th gen)