Cherry secure board PS/2 Keyboard

PS/2 keyboards are dificult to find, thought they seem to be ideal where the interface exists.
USB keyboard is readily available but comes at a security cost.
I found this keyboard that seems to be great at first glance, but… is it?
The idea is good the keyboard has a certificate and uses it to authenticate and encrypt keystrokes (so sys-USB would not have access to the key strokes)
My main question is: would such a keyboard be able to input encription password? (because this is done early on boot).
Probably would need to be integrated into Qubes somehow.
What do you think?
here is the the manufacturer data:

Um, no … not likely.

Every single thing I have read on keyboard encryption makes it totally pointless in terms of the effort required for the benefit received. You eventually have to output unencrypted keystrokes somewhere, and that somewhere is in the kernel. This keyboard might make sense for some thin client setup, as it integrates a card reader.

However, for Qubes users this would just make BadUSB and hardware logging slightly more difficult to pull off. BadUSB and driver fuckery in general would still be in play, so don’t plug unknown/untrusted anything into your computer. WRT hardware key loggers … physical access is physical access and someone could use a hidden camera and microphone to get the same result.

I’m not exactly sure what channel you post this in…
I’ll start off by saying the second time i installed qubes after testing, I hardened it significantly.
Ps2 Mice / ps2 keyboard
Isolated the USB controllers, even segmented all network devices and chained vpns

You get the idea

Anyway, ps2 keyboards are some relics these days, and the flimsy one I tried would have made a good kite if strong wind current.

Oh and I also have Yubikey compulsory, though I did leave a small window where I didn’t protect the bios unfortunately.

Anyhow my ‘solution’ was to use ps2> USB adapters for the keyboard.
I tried to look into it at the time, I’m no expert but I can’t think of an attack vector for a wired usb > ps2 KB to open up a weakness, although it does bug me.

But here’s where I’m at…

After trying to streamline old data to master large rust storage I’ve been decommissioning stuff.

But I’ve noticed some strange things
Such as disks audibility spinning, not just spin up but clear read write when they’ve not been attached to any qubes. Or in use…

But today something very strange did happen

If I’m alone in apartment I worked leave Yubikey plugged in, however I decided to remove it.

I returned and the login screen password box was full of characters…
pretty sure I didn’t type anything in

Also a few weeks ago similar scenario there was a failed login attempt, which I tried to rationalise an accidental press from a house guest…

I could try and justify these as faulty ps2/usb adapters but I’ve noticed some other strange activity to the point I was going to do a full reset inc Hw before this just last week.

I was struck with a sophisticated attack a few years ago (can’t go into too much detail) but that particular attack method took over a year until it was spotted in the wild…

I know the weak points in my network, but without physical access/some kinda insider knowledge I feel it’s be hard to do this flying blind.

I do have a reasonably robust router now which i can also pull logs from if necessary, but packet analysis isn’t one of my skill sets.

So - if this is the wrong place, please move it. But very open to hear speculation, comments, feasibility, my sanity etc.

Welcome all advice
Thank you