Checklist to make Qubes more "Amnesiac" & User login anomalies

Can anyone devise a checklist to make Qubes as “amnesiac” as possible? Can VM logs be scheduled to be deleted frequently? Can the screenshot tool be removed and saving session disallowed? What local storage should be sanitized for highest safety (journalists, protecting confidential and privileged communications, etc.)?

See section “When to use TAILS vs Qubes

Some questions about permissions and login R4.2

This is an error that effects user login (screensaver, pw after primary LUKS pw). Messed PAM? Password not accepted initially but eventually opens. Sometimes restart is required. Maybe something to do with passwordless root? No. Why cant they change permissions of LUKS which would be more debilitating?

Cannot open xscreensaver settings. Why?

How do I remove user login entirely post installation?

Saved Session and Startup

Did not save session but one was saved anyway.
Deleted it. How was that done without permission?

A lot of questions one shoot lol.
May be a track for you:

Nice! That’s the sort of configuration I am looking for.

R4.2 might need different directions.

Sh: ./ No such file or directory

I also don’t trust the screenshot tools or session saving options. Those can be used forensically. Say I have information about corrupt government officials and their immunity “security” services take control over the screenshot function and session saving (and other non-ephemerals) and I am no longer able to blow the whistle anonymously?