Changing uid using usermod in rc.local causing probs

To facilitate nfs mounting I have the following in an AppVM’s rc.local file:
usermod -u 1026 user

I have noticed this line causes the AppVM to hang when invoked about 50% of the time: Sometimes the AppVM will load whichever program I choose, sometimes it won’t load anything and I have to shut it down using the Qube manager.

When I comment out the command, the AppVM works no problem.

Anyone know what might be going on? I’m wondering if there is some AppVM boot/load process that is hanging due to the user having a nonstandard uid?


If you use nfsv4, I’d recommend to remap the user on the NFS server instead of this (it is possible to have a local:remote uid mapping per host)

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thanks for the suggestion I’ll check it out! I’m running Synology NAS