Changing sys-usb from debian into fedora on laptop with only internal usb keyboard?

Hi, how I can delete my current sys-usb when my keyboard not working when it’s shutted down, so I can’t confirm the name…

You probably need to expose dom0 to controller, by editing grub during boot by removing


line from it.

In case of usb-keyboard there are no such flags. I solve the problem by cloning my old sys-usb, adding policy that allows it exposing keyboard to dom0, shutdown the original sys-usb, starting clone, deleting original and creating new sys-usb using qubesctl.

Good. That looks better than exposing usb controller to dom0.

Are you saying you don’t have such an entry in grub?

Yes, since for using usb-keyboard I have to expose dom0 to usb during boot to be able to provide LUKS password. In the future there are plans to use unikernell to provide password to LUKS, since usb internal keyboards are more and more popular in modern laptops.

Thanks for the info. My question only confirmed that I have internal PS/2 controller for keyboard., hahah.