Changing mail vm template: thunderbird profile is gone

I changed my Mail AppVM template from Fedora 32 to Debian 10. When I opened Thunderbird in my now Debian based mail AppVM, it created a new default profile. I wanted to import my old Thunderbird profile, but I can’t find it anywhere.

Your profiles live in sub-directories under ~/.thunderbird. However the
easiest and most straight forward way to see them and select the one you
like is to start Thunderbird like this:

thunderbird --profilemanager
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Thank you! I already looked in ~/.thunderbird but somehow I only saw 1 profile, the new one, and not my own. Starting Thunderbird with --profilemanager fortunately found my profile.
Thunderbird also wouldn’t start through the shortcut in the XFCE menu, but that was fixed by re-adding it to the Applications in VM settings in Qube manager.
Now I can at least enjoy the latest security updates for Thunderbird, as the Fedora repos are usually very slow to add a new Thunderbird version.

Yes, when changing the template for mozilla applications (firefox & thunderbird) this happens. I would be interested in know why, if someone has a clue. How do they detect this is a different installation?