Changing drive configuration (lvm, encryption, partitioning, swap)

Hey there.
I’m a little lost.
I wanna change the configuration of my drives, but since I’ve never used lvm before, reading up on it essentially just contributed to my confusion.
Basically, I have one SSD and an HDD in my laptop.
The SSD is my system drive and the HDD was intended as swap/data storage/backup storage.
When I initially set up my system, I used lvm only on the SSD.
I.e. the HDD has no lvm. Just three partitions, all of them encrypted.
Now that I’ve had a little more insight into how Qubes is intended to be used, I wanna change the data storage partition into a partition where I store an entire data-VM.
From what I’ve read, this involves creating a new lvm pool and group. But this is where it already starts getting fuzzy for me…
I’d really appreciate if anyone would take the time to help me with this. Maybe someone even knows of an easy to follow tutorial?!
How do I change the HDD from non-lvm to lvm and what files/entries do I need to change to have everything load/decrypt properly at boot?
Also -in case anyone knows-: does Qubes even utilize swap partitions?! Because I feel like I’ve never seen it in use… and I only sport 16GB of RAM.
If swap is not utilized, I’d obviously rather just drop it and expand the data partition.
PS. I’m running Qubes 4.0.3