Changing default theme for gnome-terminal in new VM's

Whenever I create a new VM, the default theme of gnome-terminal is dark. The terminal background is black, and all the menus are using dark theme as well.

I can manually change the colours to use white background, but I have to change this every time I create a new VM. Also, even when I do this, the menus are still using a black background which is causing a lot of eye strain.

What is the correct way to configure this so that I always get the correct theme configuration, and preferably setting it to be the default in new VM’s?

How about configuring your first VM and then cloning it?

sounds good, but then one hase to use standalones…
When creating an appvm i have to reinstall zsh, all the python stuff, fonts and settings.

Not sure what you mean. My suggestion should work for both StandaloneVMs and AppVMs.

AppVMs get their root partition and all installed software from the TemplateVM. You should not need to reinstall anything.

Sorry, i fucked up a bit.

For AppVMs:
zsh is installed but not oh-my-zsh as it lives in the ~/.
The required fonts for my oh-my-zsh also have to be reinstalled.
Also all installed stuff via pip3.
The configurations for the gnome-terminal are not used either. I think all of this is located somewhere in ~/.

Regarding the standalones:
When one creates one ready to go standalone and copies this for more standalones, this works obviously but needs much more storage space.

This is correct. So if you configure your AppVM and clone it, the clone should get all the configured files in it.

If you place the config files in /etc/skel in the template, they will be
used in all qubes created from that template.

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