Change xscreensaver password

how to change xscreensaver password ?

I found change disk password only.

Open a terminal in dom0 and use ‘passwd’.


thank you

hello John, do you mind to help in the another thread “change disk password” ?
we could not find the device name.

I can’t find the thread "change disk password” - the search function doesn’t seem to work? Or is that just me?
Anyway you could try this:

sudo cryptsetup luksChangeKey /dev/nvme0n1p3

. . . or some variant on it. I got this from this discussion about NitroPC:

and it’s on this NitroPC ‘getting started’ page but I can’t link to it as I’m a new user and only allowed to put 2 links in a post. The second being this, which could be helpful:

Hope this is helpful, sorry it’s off topic - again, couldn’t figure out the search box.