Change appearance of Qubes

Hello, I know Qubes wants to be safe and not beautiful. However, I am also used to quality for my eyes through Windows and Linux Mint. I got KDE installed, which makes the whole thing more bearable. What I am missing is a nice background image. I have downloaded in a Qube me some beautiful. How can I change that.
I go to System Settings → Preferences → Desktop.
Then I select at folder → other.
Then in the home directory is of course nothing in it, because the images are on a Qube and not in Dom0.
How do I get the images to the home directory in Dom0 or how can I select images from other Qubes?
Thanks for your help

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You need to use the command

qvm-run --pass-io <src-vm> 'cat /path/to/file_in_src_domain' > /path/to/file_name_in_dom0

okay thanks, is there not an “easier method”?
So copy → paste something like this in the user interface

Or make a full screenshot while being in dom0 and enjoy a much safer approach

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As far as I figured it out, no.
Only for other domU

how can I make the image full screen, or use a cutting tool?

okay have found it. Everything worked with the screenshot.