Challenger (Mobile Only) Banks in Qubes

Challenger banks: small/medium sized banks that operate without the heavy infrastructure and legacy systems. Generally have no branches and operate only through mobile apps.

Their systems typically involve in-app verification of purchases for safety, but may also use SMS 2fa or (possibly?) status on SS7 networks- can anyone comment?

Logging in from a new device usually requires some kind of face/voice verification.

Has anyone been able to get one of these types of banking apps working in qubes? This isn’t for nefarious purposes.

I assume that these apps are quite hard to break and that you can’t push pre-recorded proofs through the app as they’re timestamped and checked against previous submissions. If they’re not, then holy fuck.

But I do wonder if the Qubes networking infrastructure would confuse their submissions system, or how else Qubes might break the app.

Has anyone had successes engaging with these apps via Qubes?

If you need an explanation- I just don’t use phones, but I do want to get access to my old account to make a transfer before closing it.

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