Challenge: Find Way to Automatically Cycle Through VPNs at Intervals

I have several Open VPNs and Open VPN providers in a VPN cube that connect just by a click. I want cycle through my VPNs through automatic connections every certain number of hours about.

Is there a way to create script to do this.?

For added security is there a way to randomly cycle through VPNs at a random interval between X number of hours and Y number of hours and time is randomly chosen?

Connected to VPN 1, X is 4 hours Y is 6 hours, random time selected is 4 hours 31 minutes. VPN is automatically disconnected and different VPN is then chosen, random time is selected for 5 hours 8 minutes and the VPN will cycle again after this, all automatic, random, within X-Y interval.

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My suggestion would be for you to take a step back and think what that acomplishes. Browser fingerprinting makes your browsing pseudonymous at most. So switching VPNs will likely just make the service provider and the tracking websties know that you have multiple VPNs and which ones they are.

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What about privacy in non-Whonix qubes?

The main way Qubes OS provides privacy is via its integration with Whonix. Qubes OS does not claim to provide special privacy (as opposed to security) properties in non-Whonix qubes. This includes disposables.

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Is that true for javascript disabled browsers with finger and print block?

I know how to click on VPN menu and swotch VPN provider, wwant this done by program automaic I am not a programming, I don’t know how