Chaining swappable VPNs

It seems to me that my connection to the internet is being traced and throttled, it appears running a vpn connection before firewall and one after reaching system wide connection gives me 10mb/s, running one gives me 5mb/s and none 1mb/s which is exactly the opposite of what I would expect :confused: ,
Im thinking of setting up a mullvad disposable qube and chain a dozen of them to see what happens

my final idea is integrating all mullvads ip’s into one script, have it select a random one and after 2 minutes drop it and pick another one, now chain the whole process a few times with qubes and done

I would have posted this on an openvpn forum because what im looking for is “how to switch servers every x time” but i decided to post it here first in case anyone here sees a better way to do this(apparently everyone on my google searches is looking for how NOT to server hop . . .)

On another note im connected to the internet through tethering so im thinking since my network doesn’t throttle tether someone must be mitm in my area and yes even the phone is connected to a vpn but that shouldn’t make a difference for tethering, anyone here thinks i should use a 4g cellular usb stick and lower the surface of attacks?in which case id love it if you had a suggestion