Centos-stream-8-xfce template upgrade issue

I would like to test the centos-stream-8-xfce template. After downloading it, a dnf update fails due to qubes related rpms.

After looking into this, it looks like “shadow”, not being provided by the version of shadow-utils on the distro, is depended on by the qubes-core-agent and qubes-core-passwordless-root packages.

Manually installing rpms with --nodeps might be a workaround.

Is there a way to notify the template maintainer?


CentOS Stream 8 is nearly end-of-life. Its support will end in 45 days. I would suggest that it is not simply worth your time. I have not seen any sign of a CentOS Stream 9 template/upgrade in the pipelines. I would consider it as “almost” abandoned template.

hello, if you mean …installe other linux in the qube …I tried ( avec iso image) several …Little Trisquel, Q4os, miniLinux, MX , Kali and cachys, but only one …takes immediatly internet connexion …antiX .

I wouldn’t recommend using a CentOS template in Qubes. If you’re using Qubes then you probably care about security, and if you care about security then you kinda really don’t want to be using unsupported distros. It would suck if your entire system got compromised because of one Xen-busting vulnerability in one of your out-of-date qubes.

I say that with pain as a fellow CentOS enjoyer. In fact CentOS was my sysadmin cradle. The very first remote host I ever ssh’d into was running CentOS. In fact I still have it up, and it’s still running CentOS, despite the host no longer offering it as an install option for new systems. :joy_cat:

If it makes you feel better at all, my torrent client is still regularly seeding CentOS 7 and 8 ISOs. We’re still far from alone. :sunglasses: Larga vita CentOS