Can't use I3 WM on HVM


I just try to install skywave linux as a HVM. Unfortunately when I boot the Live CD I3 WM was unusable. Any combination with mod key not works.

Do you use i3 in your dom0/sys-gui?
Have you tried changing the mod key to something else and/or made sure that the mod key is not bound by something in dom0/sys-gui?

I only use it on that HVM. Mode key should be ctrl, and ctrl+some key works in other HVMs with normal windows managers.

ohh ok. I am not too familiar with i3…

Can you confirm that the HVM does recognize the key input, for example with xev?

If so that would mean that it is a problem with your i3 config/i3 in general.

When I push caps-lock it hide some menu that I previously open using mouse, so keyboard should work I think. It was also my first experience with I3 - but according to some manual it should just work. Or maybe I’m missing something obvious like Skywave remap the keys…

Also menu bar was black after boot and according to screens it shouldn’t.

iirc correctly the menu bar is black per default but has at least one grey box (your virtual desktop number).

Please try to confirm that the HVM qube does indeed recognize the mod key being pressed by running xev, pressing it and taking a look at the output.

Ok, Its not Qubes related. It seems to work but the keys are different from that given in I3 guide (i3: i3 User’s Guide). I was able to run some command when finally found keys for skywave (Basic Usage Tips for i3wm) on not so intuitive website of that project. But still can’t scroll over menus. So I gave up and install special skywave 4.3.0 wersion with gnome flashback :stuck_out_tongue: