Can't upload files in anon-whonix


I want to send files using WeTransfer. I start anon-whonix, select the file, make sure everything is filled out properly, and then hit send. But it just won’t upload anything. In the developer console there is an associated request, but there is no status code tied to it. Everything else has 200, the site itself is loading just fine. The progress bar is stuck at 0%. (I checked with other services as well, WeTransfer is just one of many examples.)

My best guess is that there is some rule disallowing outbound communications. Firewall rules allow all outgoing connections. The net-qube is sys-whonix. Sys-whonix is based on the whnox-gw-16 template, the NetVM is sys-firewall. I’m on Qubes 4.1.

qvm-firewall has this output

0  accept -    -        -       -              -    -    -      -

Sorry that the information is somewhat sparse, but I just have no idea how to troubleshoot this. Not really a Linux person. (A workaround would be to install Tor in a separate AppVM just to upload stuff, but I want to find out what the mistake is in this case.)

Thank you for helping me with this.

How do you know it’s not about Tor Browser’s Security Level?

Good point, thank you. Just checked. The security level is set to standard. Anything else I could check?

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So, your setup is


If not can you try it?

that is my setup, yes. TOR is up to date.

Excact same problem here. Can’t upload any files anywhere. Anybody has a solution?

I have succeeded here from Tor Browser, with “Safer” level.