Can't update whonix-gw-16, still on debian-11 maybe the problem?

Hi, I just did a fresh install of the long-term release. I am now in the position that whonix-gw-16 won’t update.

My problem seems to be one that a few people have been having. For instance, this seems similar: Whonix templates won't update

The solution prescribed does not apply in my case. I did not include Fedora templates when I installed Qubes on the new computer (I didn’t think I would need them) but I am a little bit surprised to see, in the linked forum post, a reference to debian-12? It appears all the templates in my new Qubes install are debian-11. I guess I might need to update debian-12?

I have already tried “Reload Tor”, waiting a few days, etc.

What if you update your dom0 and debian-11 template first and then try to update your whonix templates?

I was able to update dom0 today, but whonix continues to fail

I am getting this problem

“Release file for tor+ is not valid yet”

It says it will be valid in a few hours so I will try again then?

Additionally, tho I am synced to the internet, the clock is wrong for my timezone… I am 2 hours and 58 minutes slow

What is your clock qube?

Hi! It is sys-net

I was able to fix the problem by employing the workaround detailed here: Debian-based VM doesn't work as ClockVM by default · Issue #8173 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

e.g. I had to set the time manually in dom0

Install systemd-timesyncd package in sys-net template.