Can't uninstall qubes os

I installed qubes os for its security reasons.But soon I realised I can’t use the os because it is very difficult for me to use. I adjacently installed this os along with windows.I tried to boot with windows but qubes doesn’t let me do that. Neither I can’t install other Os nor uninstall qubes Os. I checked in command line, the windows partition is still in there.
I need help with uninstalling the qubes Os.

You can just simply wipe out /dev/sda5 and /dev/sda6.

If you are still able to boot to windows and that all works, one option would be to boot some kind of linux live USB distribution and use ‘gparted’ to delete the Linux partitions then resize the windows partitions to use all the ( now available ) space.

Caution: this is destructive. I would advise even if you know what you are doing with gparted and resizing filesystems, you take a backup before even attempting it.

No I can’t boot to windows ,qubes doesn’t let me to do so

Okay so you make it wrong, this is happen when you do install qubes and you ‘might’ be using automatic partition, the installer is override your /boot partition.
what you can do now is search how to recover bootloader.

The solution is somewhat like this How To Restore Windows 10, 8, 7 Boot Loader | by Hetman Software | Hetman Software | Medium

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