Can't start specific app in qube with menu, but can in template

I tried to install Kate editor in debian minimal and all went through, but when I try to start it with the menu item it doesn’t do a thing. If I use command line and start it with kate it works.
In the template however it doesn’t have such problem. It starts right away if I add a menu entry with the qube settings and start it.
Two of these entries are the same: -q -a --service -- QUBE-NAME qubes.StartApp+org.kde.kate
But with the template it works and with appvm it doesn’t.

Any suggestions?

How did you install the app in template?
Find the .desktop file of this app and check its content to see what command is executed when you start the app from Qubes app menu (that is using the .desktop file).
The .desktop file should be in /usr/share/applications or in /home/user/.local/share/applications directory.

With apt install kate.
I did check these files, they’re different, but the exec command is the same. The template’s file is in /usr/share and in appvm it’s in /home/user/.
I can execute that command from the .desktop’s exec in the appvm with command line and it does open up kate.
But with appvm qube settings, it doesn’t do anything. It’s only with kate. I can open every other app with the qube menu

I’ve just tried to install kate in original debian-12-minimal template, created app qube based on this template and added Kate menu shortcut it Kate opens in app qube when I start it using app menu.
Maybe some of your modifications in the template are causing this issue, try to install original debian-12-minimal template and use it for a test.

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I am looking at a different app, in my appvm.

There is no desktop file for it in /home/user/.local/share/applications. In fact this directory doesn’t exist at all for me. But it does exist in /usr/share/applications.

I don’t think you need both files. You’re likely running into a situation where one of the two is bad somehow, but it’s the one the system is trying to use.

In fact if you run from the command line, you’re not using a desktop file at all.

Try temporarily moving the desktop file in /home/user/… to some other place (and name), and see what happens when you try to open from the menu. If that doesn’t work, put the desktop file back where it was and try moving the one in /usr/share/applications.