Can't seem to install apps for minimal templates

I just installed the Debian Minimal template and assigned it as the template for most of my qubes.

Then I tried to follow this guide [Guide] Automatically install extensions and configure new (dispvm) Firefox profiles with arkenfox user.js and policies with a copy of the template, but it didn’t seem to have Curl installed.

So I tried to install it through the terminal but, for some reason, it isn’t accepting either my user or root password.

What’s going on?

(On a side note, before I forget… I tried to delete the default Debian template but since debian-11-dvm is using it, the OS won’t delete it. How can I get around that?)

In dom0 run the following:

$ qvm-run -u root new-template xterm

This will open an xterm window with elevated privileges. There you’ll be able to execute commands as root.

The minimal templates lack the qubes-core-agent-passwordless-root package. Since you have the option of using dom0 to gain root in your vms, it may be alright to not install it. Depends on your case.

I have it in very few of my templates, while most do not since I don’t need quick root access in vms.

You may want to take a look a this before you start: Minimal templates | Qubes OS

$ qvm-prefs debian-11-dvm template new-template

Change new-template accordingly.

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