Can't scale appropriately the installer for 4k display

Hey everyone, I’m trying to install Qubes to 4k display. The installer boots, but I can’t select anything due to the fact that the picture is kind of outside of my view. Doesn’t fit my 4k resolution so to speak. Can I maybe somehow reduce the resolution while installing through some params or something like that?

That’s (very) annoying :confused:

I don’t know how to adjust the resolution of the installer but as a (maybe) workaround, I believe that you may be able to select all buttons with the keyboard only (TAB key focus elements, space to toggle checkboxes, enter to press buttons). Unless I’m wrong, that should work even if the elements are out of view.

Granted, the workaround is not great, given that even if it works as I believe you’re likely going to have to take action without visual feedback. But if you don’t find anything else, it might be worth a try?

It might even be that the installer supports Orca and can read aloud the focsed elements? Not sure about that at all, but I’d take a look at any “Accessibility” menu if I was to try the keyboard-only workaround.

Yeah, I tried the keyboard, but I need to guess the outcome this way and it just not practical, because I hit each time something else like “help” and can’t get out of that screen. Or even worse, like with selecting disk space, it just way too off from the screen and I can’t even what I’m doing there.

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Managed to install it with another display, but this functionality(to somehow reduce resolution or something like that) may be necessary for many, I guess… especially with laptop or if installed for someone with only one display etc.

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