Can't reply to a mail user

Every once in a while someone asks a question I’d like to answer…but there’s no reply button. None.

For example:

It seems to happen sometimes with users who are set up for mail access.

qubes-users is a read only.

This is a read-only mirror of the qubes-users mailing list. In order to reply, you should join the mailing list instead. You may want to mute this category if you’re already subscribed directly via email. ](You Can't Reply in this Category (read-only mirror))


I know it’s not intuitive, but this is actually just a copy of discussions hapenning in the qubes-users mailing list. If you want to reply, you’ll have to subscribe via email on google groups and reply via email directly.

We’ve tried to make this more visible to users, but ultimately it’s fighting the software… so every now and then someone asks this question. It’s OK. Now you know.

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