Can't launch new application menu via panel

I am trying to use the new application menu that is under development, using instructions here and here.

I am able to launch it from dom0 (and it looks very nice!). However I am having trouble getting the panel launcher to work. For this I followed the instructions here, and the panel launcher appears, but when I click on it, nothing happens.

If I go to edit the launcher, I see it calls the command (typing this manually, as it’s in dom0, excuse any typos) gdbus call --session --dest org.qubesos.appmenu --object-path "/org/qubesos/appmenu" --method org.freedesktop.Application.Activate "{}"

If I enter this command directly into a dom0 terminal I get an error (again excuse any typos):
“Error: GDBus.Errorr:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name is not activatable”

Is there something I’m missing about how this is supposed to work? One aspect of the instructions I did not understand is " it will use the CLI params as set by either autostart menu position or via executing qubes-app-menu with desired params in CLI…" I’m not sure exactly what this means or if it is related to my problem.

Thanks for any guidance!

PS Thanks for all the work @ninavizz

PPS Happy to re-create this thread elsewhere if needed, I’ve also seen the general Qubes issue page linked as a pointer for reports related to this menu and someone linked a more specific page here, maybe it should go there

That panel button only shows the menu that is running in the background. It needs to be started in the first place: it is set to autostart on user login, but if you haven’t restarted your session you need to start it manually. The qubes-app-menu & call is about that.

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Ah thank you, yes I have not rebooted since installing, if I launch and keep it running as you suggested it works great. :pray:

It looks like someone is also confused about this on GitHub Issues