Can't install Qubes 4.2

Hi folks,

Qubes 4.2 won’t install.

I boot to the ISO and at the point where it goes to egt the files and all, it loses the data and can’t find it. It says that the CDROM has been removed, which it hasn’t.

I can install 4.1 with no issue.

Anyone else having this issue?

If so, any advice on how to get it to be able to boot and install?


  • Does the iso match the hashes (also after flashing it onto usb)?
  • Does get to and pass the data integrity check after booting?

I also had some issues that might have occurred due to the use of fish as shell, but haven’t investigated further after it worked when trying again on bash. In my case, the iso hashes matched but didn’t match anymore after having been flashed on the usb.

Yes, the ISO hash is correct.
I’m booting it the same way I did 4.1. So there should not be any issue, unless there is a programmatical error in the installer or the way things are done in 4.2 compared to 4.1.
So this is confusing to me.

But I think that the “ejecting of the DVD” was probably causing issues when trying to check and verify as well.