Can't install Caine as HVM

Hi, I want to install Caine distro as HVM (since there is no template), but I encounter problems. I can boot the live cd from ISO and start installation (as states in Caine install hints I unblocked /dev/xvda to be able to install). When Installation comes to end there is error that says that installer is unable to install bootloader to xvda. Caine hints and post on ubuntu forums (Caine is based on Ubuntu, and using Ubiquity as a installer) says that for non efi installation I should end installation without installing bootloader and then run boot-repair. So I did it. But then after restarting HVM it freeze on booting from disk.

There are lots of distros that can’t be installed as HVMs with the standard provided installer. Just to be sure: recheck signatures, size, etc… You can try doing your own GRUB with a tool for installing multiple distros.

Ok, I was finally able to repair the boot loader. Have to do this manually since boot-repair not work. Fortunately I found nice video guide CAINE 11 Installation and resolving Stuck Boot-Repair / GRUB Issues - YouTube. Then after upgrades and messing with grub-customize it stop working again, but this time I was able to repair it using boot-repair image. So now I have working HVM with Caine and I will try build Qubes Agents for Ubuntu Bionic.

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