Can't get the installer to launch

I had a previous installation. I resized it, and the sys-usb stopped working after I typed in my password so I backed up everything and then installed a new installation.

Then, after I installed that, it “failed to configure initial installation” and I had nothing setup. I sighed, and decided to reinstall, again.

But now, after I reflashed my USB, I cant even load into the installer

I get this exception: “An Unkown error has occurred”

“Object does not exist at path /org/fedoraproject/Anaconda/Modules/Storage/Task/1”

What do?

Maybe your installation media is corrupted?
Did you boot from Qubes OS installer using “Test media and install Qubes OS”?
Was the test successful?

Yes, that hasn’t seemed to stop it from booting.

So the media test failed? I’m not sure that it’d continue to boot if the media test failed.
How did you write it? Did you write it from WIndows?

It worked, it didn’t stop it or spit out an error. It was fine.

I used dd.

Then I’m not sure what’s the problem.
Try to format the disk that you want to use to install Qubes OS on or remove the old Qubes OS partitions from it before booting the installer. You can also try to disconnect other disks.

I think I flashed it over 5 times. I wiped them, before. I unplugged all of my usbs. I think I’ll do another os install then maybe flash it from there? idk

I mean format the disk where you’ve previously installed Qubes OS and want to install Qubes OS on it again, not the installation media itself.
Or remove the old Qubes OS partitions on the disk.

I booted into a gparted iso and made it completely unformatted…

So I figured it out last night:

The issue was that my gpt table headers were intact but the following disk was not. This caused the error, when qubes was looking at my disk

Solution: Check if the partitions match the gpt table and if not: display a warning informing the user of potential corruption, and tell them they have the option to exit and use some kind of data recovery tool, or continue but have to create a new gpt table, and format their entire device.

This should be easy to do in fsck, if you simply list the partitions it’ll inform you of the mismatch, so it would be around 4-5 lines of code and maybe 2 hours of debugging at most. Hopefully the developers see this