Can't get an AppImage to run

I’m having a problem making appimages work. I’m doing the usual things like changing the settings on the properties tab and using chmod +x in the command line but I just get and empty text file pop up when I click on it.
Most of the other articles and threads I’ve found seem to be about adding app images to the application lists and start menus which I’m not too worried about right now, just want them to run.

It’s hard to diagnose with the little information you’ve given. What template do you use for the qube where you try to start the appimage?

Two ideas:

  1. You may have to install libfuse2 for the appimage to work
  2. You may have to increase the disk space available for the qube, because the appimages are expanded at run-time

My apologies. I’ll state more now.
I’m using the debian 11 template. I would like it on my anon whonix qube but I thought best to get it working in a non tor environment first.

I’ll look to see if I need libfuse2 and have another try

edit: Yeah I have libfuse2 installed :confused:

Oh and I tried starting the appimage from the documents folder both as clicking on the icon and at the command line to no avail

So you don’t get any output if you type, in a terminal:


which is executable? This is strange…

Are you sure that your AppImage is not broken? What’s the size of it?


ah ha! That could be the problem! I doubt that an appimage with a size of 0 bytes will do much.
My apologies, I feel like a bit of a moron now :slight_smile:
Thanks for the replies