Can't enter into TTY from the initial setup

I noticed when trying to install Qubes 4.1 rc 2 after you install and you boot into the initial setup I don’t seem to be able to CTR + ALT+F* to to enter a tty. I think it might work be working functionally but I don’t have a good way to verify because the only difference is my mouse disappears.

This is some what of and issue for me because I have to use a script to keep the sys-net from using my wireless card during setup or it will crash making qubes unusable. So far as long as sys-net isn’t installed everything goes smoothly.

I see in another post that the initial setup can be relaunched using
sudo /usr/libexec/initial-setup/initial-setup-graphical . Maybe I will try without installing sys-net run the script from dom0 then try to install sys-net.

I might also try restoring backups of the vms that I have in 4.0.4 and see how that goes.

Indeed login prompt (getty) is not running yet while initial setup is started. I’m afraid at this point the only option what you considered already: skipping creating sys-net initially, and launch initial-setup-graphical manually later.

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I can confirm that quitting the initial setup, logging into dom0, opening a shell to do what what every you need to do, and manually relaunching the initial setup is a valid work around.

Qubes successfully installed and initialized.

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