Cant connect via USB Wifi adapter

My intention is to replace my sys-net with OpenBSD. Unfortunately, OpenBSD doesn’t support my laptop internal wifi card, so I decided to bought USB wifi adapter that supported. But I cant connect to my USB wifi adapter in OpenBSD, since it’s not listed in Devices tab on OpenBSD Qubes settings. But I can see the USB wifi adapter through lsusb on dom0. How do I can connect my USB wifi adapter to OpenBSD ?

To install firmware in bsd?

No. Because my USB Wifi adapter not even detected in OpenBSD. I found another way to attach it by attaching my laptop USB adapter into OpenBSD. But unfortunately now my USB mouse and keyboard only working on OpenBSD. I have to use my internal keyboard and touchpad to navigate through Qubes. I still look for fixing this. What I do to connect my USB Wifi Adapter to OpenBSD :

qvm-pci attach --persistent --option permissive=true --option no-strict-reset=true openbsd dom0:00_XXX ( my USB adapter PCI )

Do you have sys-usb? How many USB controllers do you have?

I have. I tried to connect via sys-usb but it’s show can’t attach qrexec error. I guess it’s need qrexec or qubes agent on guestVM ( OpenBSD ) to do sys-usb attaching

And the other question?