Cannot start VMs after latest testing update

Hi there I cannot start any VMs after I upgraded a few days ago. I used the testing repos to run a qubes-dom0-update.
I don`t know what package may be causing it.
I tried with all my installed kernels.
It only says “qrexec-daemon startup failed: connection to the VM failed.”

Do you mean current-testing of Release 4.1?

I don’t know if you made any changes to your BIOS recently, but I used to get that error when I had virtualization disabled.

I am using Coreboot with SeaBIOS on a 4.0 install.
I never had to touch VT settings and I don’t know if they even are possible to change.
All I know is that after rebooting I can’t do much.

The issue seems to be starting VMs in HVM mode. I can launch VMs in PVH mode, but not HVM or PV.
This means I cannot use Qubes such as sys-net or sys-usb.

What qube/vm kernel version are you using?

There were kernel panic issues recently with Fedora 32 and HVM qubes

If you are using kernel-latest, try setting the kernel of sys-net HVM to 5.8.5 or lower.

If you are not using kernel-latest, try setting the kernel of sys-net HVM to 4.19.142 or lower.

Then, attempt to start sys-net. If successful, perform a dom0 update with qubes-dom0-update. Now switch the sys-net (and other HVMs) to the newer kernel (4.19.146 or later; 5.8.11+ if using kernel-latest).

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(I also think there should be a separate section in the forum for people who are testing R4.1 or current-testing of R4.0)

A section for Testing 4.1 has just been created. For furthe discussion see Suggestion: 'Testing' category.