Cannot run installer on Dell XPS 13 9310


My laptop: Dell XPS 13 9310
I was trying 4.0.4 but I couldn’t start installer so I’m trying 4.1.0rc it’s slightly better but it stucks on launching installer.
Photo in attachment:

Has anybody experienced similar error because I could not find anything similar on google.
Or maybe someone has idea how to debug it further?

Hi @CoolGuy,
I checked the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL), and found a match entry, see dell_xps-13-9310_i7-1165g7, see also the details provided by the reporter (follow the turscar link from the HCL entry).

And don’t forget to check your UEFI settings (installation-guide/#hardware-requirements).

He was using different version but I tried what’s there but I cannot provide internet connection before install, (I have only wifi).
Thanks anyway.