Cannot recover storage capacity from appVMs or other sources

basically the scenario is as follows:
I was having an issue were there wasn’t enough storage space left in order to boot a given qube.

I resolved this by changing a setting in a confit from 90% to 95% allowing there to be lest reserved space, and more free space allowing me to boot qubes again.

That is not the issue, the issue is, after doing that, I have gone through and deleted about 500gb of stuff, movies I ripped, screenshots etc etc, even a failed windows VM

All of that, and the qubes disk space monitor doesn’t indicate any changes, and still says I’m using 90% of my storage capacity. Has anyone run into anything like this? I even rebooted hoping the manager just wasn’t updating correctly, I even tried to use fstrim to trim on dom0 and in individual qubes, but nothing works

It says I tried a total of I believe about 20gb from different locations, and the storage monitor still hasn’t changed.

Maybe set revisions_to_keep to 0 for this VM with large deleted files so your old revision with files that you deleted will be removed as well:

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thanks, that seems to at least be a bit of the issue, set that in my blu-ray ripping qube, and my sys-net which I have been using to transfer rips to my NAS

but I’m still curious why deleting some unused qubes seemed to have no effect, guess its not a major issue atm, but it seems odd