Cannot Install to USB Stick

Hi all,
I do not understand something.

  1. I burned ISO image Qubes-R4.0.4-x86_64 to a Kingston Datatraveler 100 G3 (32GB))

  2. In the BIOS I addressed that to be the first boot disk

  3. that kind’a works, I get a few screens of white text on black background beginning (from the top of my head) with “ESX”

  4. then the screen goes black and stays black

  5. after that I dd copied it to the disk where I wanted to install Qubes-OS, just to try if that would work

  6. Set this disk to be the boot disk in the BIOS

  7. now it boots, I can select the language etc.

Now I cannot install this on that disk because I booted from it, and I do not have another spare disk.

But why would it not boot properly from this DataTraveler? Any ideas?

Hi, Did you try booting the pendrive on both UEFI and legacy?
I own an datatraveler too doesn’t seem to cause any problem during installation.
Used Rufus to burn 4.1Alpha

Thanks for the response,
About the booting: I do not know this distinction. I just upgraded the BIOS (ASUS UEFI BIOS ver. 2409).
I used Balena Etcher for the USB stick. (used that dozens of times before w/o problems)
How do I boot UEFI or legacy? And how do I know which one I used?

You need to have two disks / USB drives / SSDs. One where you install the installer (which you then boot from) and one where you install Qubes into. This means after you boot the installer you should select your internal disk as the installation destination.

Did you verify the ISO before writing it on the stick? It could be a problem with the stick itself as well.