Cannot install Qubes 4.1.2 and 4.2 rc4


I’m not able to install Qubes on my new machine. Both versions.
In case of 4.1.2 after boot from USB installation hangs almost on start. It doesn’t matter if I choose Qubes with latest kernel or not. (Screenshot attached).
Qubes 4.2 rc4 works much better. I’m able to install it without any issue, but after reboot during finalization steps it freezes on “Installing TemplateVM debian-12-xfce”. Preloader stops and everything hangs. (second screen shot).

Does anyone has any idea how to fix it ?

My setup:
Gigabyte B650 X GAMING AX, Ryzen 7700x, Disk used for Qubes - 1 TB Kingston nvme gen4. 64 GB DDR5, Intel Arc Graphics Card

Thanks in advance.

Try to add x2apic_phys=true to Xen options in grub menu.
You can also try to disable SMT in BIOS.