Cannot install package qubes-desktop-linux-common

In a minimal template fedora 34

I try to install the package qubes-desktop-linux-common with

dnf install qubes-desktop-linux-common

I receive an error such as

nothing provides qubes-manager needed by qubes-desktop-linux-common-4.0.22-1.fc34.noarch

How can I install the package qubes-desktop-linux-common in a fedora 34 minimal template ?

You cant - it’s a package for dom0.
What are you trying to do?

thanks unman for your answer on that topic :pray:

I was trying to solve an issue related to desktop in my minimal template for sys-net, the wlan button switch is responding randomly when using minimal template…on a nitropad x230

When reading the documentation on minimal template here Minimal templates | Qubes OS this package
it is mention in a way quite confusing
In Qubes 4.0, additional packages from the qubes-core-agent suite may be needed to make the customized minimal template work properly. These packages are:

I did understood that it was mentioning about dom0 packages in both Fedora and Debian and Centos part of minimal template documentation…

Would it be worth modifying the documentation for that part ?

I’ve taken a look at this - it’s an error in building the package for
Fedora templates. Debian doesn’t have this problem.
The problem doesn’t arise in 4.1, where the package installs as expected.

I have raised an issue at GitHub (#7218)
Thanks for the report.

Thanks for looking into it ! :innocent: :pray:

So this contradict your first answer right ? This package is NOT for dom0 but indeed for templates. In that case the documentation was right…

I can confirm that the issue does not appear in debian 11 but it might still be the case in debian 10. I haven’t tryed again since I moved to debian 11…but form what I can recall it was there too.

How can we know what does this package include or do in great details ?

No - this package is for dom0 - it should be built for vm.
The documentation is right - the package build is wrong.

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Sorry, I am still puzzled :thinking:
Is it now fixed?
Do I have to install it on dom0 and on the minimal template?

@Guillaume did you manage the installation? If yes, may I ask you to share a screenshot?

This issue related to Qubes 4.0, now eol, and Fedora 34 - also eol
The issue doesnt arise in 4.1 with current Fedora