Cannot install new software in template

When I open Template: fedora-37 > Software, I can see applications and search, but when I click install, nothing happens. Do I need to enable network connection in the Template settings?

Templates don’t have network access by design, see How to install software | Qubes OS. You shouldn’t enable network access for a template, but rather use sudo dnf install <PACKAGE_NAME> for installing software in the template.


Gotcha. So, is the Software selection in a Template just a legacy thing or is it more like “it’s there, but don’t, it’s a bad idea”?

The Software app in the template is GNOME’s, not anything specific to Qubes. I haven’t had to use it myself, but it most likely tries to make network connections that aren’t using the updates proxy. It’ll still work in standalone qubes.

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It’s actually a bug, but not easy one to solve:

Ahh, interesting @fsflover. Thanks for the context.