Cannot connect with imported VPN configurations anymore, despite having no issues last version

Last version is the only one that ever actually worked finally, but it’s broken again. It’s a OpenVPN-based file with a certificate and a key and is not misconfigured, so there’s no reason for it not to work.

Are you talking about last Qubes OS version?
It worked for you in Qubes OS 4.1 but doesn’t work in Qubes OS 4.2?
If yes then it’s most probably the firewall issue:

If you have any firewall rules in your VPN config file then you’ll need to convert them from iptables to nftables.
You can see some examples of such conversion here:

Can you tell me where? I saw some values for fixing someone’s LAN issue, but the rest were all examples of things not working.

It’s better if you post your firewall rules here so someone can point out how to convert them.

Frankly, idk what my firewall rules are. I just use the sys-firewall and sys-net Qubes. Did you mean something different? I know I probably sound stupid and you’re probably going to say this isn’t the OS for me, but it just kinda worked fine before, so I wasn’t required to know any of this before.

I meant iptables rules in up/down scripts in OpenVPN config file.
If you don’t have them then the problem is somewhere else and you need to check the openvpn log.

Gotcha. The configs I have only show host, cipher, certificate, and key stuff. And a couple other commands, like key direction and authentication.