Cannot attach /e/ smartphone to qube

Hi, I am trying to mount a smartphone of mine to a qube. I am getting the following error:

Error Attaching device [Smartphone] to [qube] failed. Error: QubesException - Device attach failed: /usr/lib/qubes/-usb-import: 94: echo: echo: I/O errorAttach timeout, check kernel log for details. VM: "[qube]" File: "/usr/lib/qubes/usb-import" Version Control:

I have been able to mount another smartphone, using the same qube, which is meant for this specific purpose. There are a number of difference between the two devices (for instance, the phone I am trying to connect is using a custom ROM, /e/) but given that the error is happening on Qubes, I am asking about it here.

I find this message a bit opaque. I’ve called up the kernel logs for the qube as well as sys-usb and can’t determine anything.

What’s more is that I am able to easy attach the same /e/ smartphone to another computer using Linux Mint.

Any direction in resolving this issue will be appreciated!

Hello, I have the same problem as you, have you found a solution?

Unfortunately no. I have sort of moved on from trying to get it fixed, as it’s not especially important to my workflow, it’d just be a nice feature

Possible cause

Your best bet would be to directly assign a USB controller
to the qube you wish to use to perform whatever operation
you want on your phone. Then plug your phone into a USB port
that matches that controller. Likely requires trial and error.

This was also discussed numerous times here and elsewhere.