Cannot add installed application into qube

Hi all,

I installed an application into a template. Its the Brave browser into a template, I look into the “Personal”->Settings->Applications, and It’s not showing up.

I have been reading the QubesOS docs trying to figure out how to make this work, I don’t understand the docs

I have updated the .desktop files in dom0->terminal:

qvm-sync-appmenus brave-browser_template

There is a brave-browser.desktop file in that folder

But the application is still not showing up in the qubes

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi Thanks for the link

This is the link that I am using as guidance, but I still cannot get the app to show in the qube application menu

Is there a different way of doing this?


Check the obvious.

Is the Personal qube using brave-browser-template as its template? (I ask because usually “personal” is based on debian-11 or fedora-3x.)

If you don’t want to change what personal uses for its template, create a new AppVM based on the brave-browser-template; you could even name it Brave-Browser.


Thank you SteveC

That is why It is not working.

I followed the guide, but didn’t realize that part.

Thank you again!!! Much appreciated