Cannot access Screenshot file

Opened my provincial government website in my Work VM and made a successful screenshot of my negative covid test, in order to forward via email, only to eventually find the file is stored in the Pictures folder in dom0. I cannot seem to get access to the file to copy to another VM. Searches I’ve done, say this cannot be done. So either it seems to be pointless to include the Screenshot program in Qubes, or as I suspect, I’m unaware of something here. Thankful for any help.

Just copy to your email-VM and look for it in the QubesIncoming/dom0 folder

Aha; Thanks so much Raphael. I usually tend toward GUI useage more than Terminal useage. I had searched the Qubes Documentation for Screenshot info, but didn’t think to look in the dom0 info. cheers

There is the qubes-screenshot-tool that might be of interest for you.
I haven’t tried that out because I seldom take a screenshot so I only read about it.

Thanks so much. Wasn’t aware of it, but will definitely check it out.