Can we Make Polls?

Sure. You can do it yourself. Just edit the first post to add a poll:

  • Editor » :gear: » Buld Poll

Then point people to it.

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Neat! Now I know how to spam polls.

How neat is this?
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The only downside is that mailinglist users can’t really participate nor see the results.

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I guess the drawback with mailing lists is with increased security (and maybe convenience) comes decreased functionality and participation–not unlike most security tradeoffs.

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The creation is. In order to participate, all should be able to, no?

Here it’s just about interpersonal privacy. I don’t think discourse does implement any privacy-preserving tech. Probably it’s all stored in the server. But as an admin I can’t get access to that info through the UI. Probably only on the back-end.

So assume privacy from all other users users, but not from the back-end.

Note: the poll creator is the one who selects if the votes are public or not. When they are public I’m guessing it shows a note setting the privacy expectations.

When creating a poll, if you go into the advanced tab (gear icon) you can limit who can participate in the polls (vote). I limited my participation in my polls to those with trust level 1 or above. There’s no real worry of drive-by voting using new accounts for this particular poll, but I just wanted to do it as a matter of procedure.

Changed the wording of that for better clarity.

Ah. I see.

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I shouldn’t have to say that there are people who interact with the Forum
by email, because they find it difficult to use the Web Forum.
It’s unfortunate that those users are excluded from polls, and sends
the message that their opinions are not important to Qubes.

@deeplow has already opened a thread about the use of images in the
Forum, and @ninavizz is gathering opinions about different usages of Qubes.