Can the Panel run in it's own Qube?

Running things in the panel requires it be run in dom0. Is there a way to allow for the panel to be compartmentalized or a section of the panel to be compartmentalized in it’s own Qube?


I think you are describing a GUI domain:

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This is how the tray icons work at the moment. For example, sys-net shows a network manager icon there.

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How can you set something like that up? I can see some value to having some of my qubes show some kind of status in an icon there.

You already have this capability - e.g. sys-net network icon appears in
gui-domain panel; multimedia vlc icon appears in… , etc.
What is it you are looking for that you do not already have?

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I’m trying to figure out how to do it for other things.

In other words, I know it can work, because it does work…But how do I create it for other qubes doing other things? What are the hooks to tell dom0 please put this in your toolbar?

You’d write your X11 application in the VM to follow the conventional (and more or less standardized) way of putting an icon in the system tray, as if Qubes OS wasn’t involved at all. The GUI protocol will then transparently forward the icon to the GuiVM/dom0, where it will be decorated with a tint and/or border.


Ah. OK, so basically there’s nothing special to do.

No wonder Unman didn’t understand what I wanted!