Can`t find qubes.UpdatesProxy in 4.1

Hi all,
just started playing around with 4.1…seems to work ok so far…I migrated my qubes from a 4.0.4 install and tried to manipulate my “qubes.UpdatesProxy”…apparently it does no seem to be in “/etc/qubes-rpc/policy/”…am I missing something here?

Is it possible that qubes.UpdatesProxy was not created after I only installed dom0 and then migrated the rest?

The qubes.UpdatesProxy file should still be there, but I think it’s ignored with R4.1’s new qrexec policy format. You can read more about it here: Qubes Architecture Next Steps: The New Qrexec Policy System | Qubes OS
I had to change those settings myself a couple of days ago, just create a file called 30-user.policy (for example) in /etc/qubes/policy.d and set up your qubes.UpdatesProxy rules there. You can read through the 90-default.policy file in the same directory to get a good sense of how the system works.

thanks for the advice…I will look into that immediately.