Can’t boot into Ubuntu on nVMe / No keyboard or mouse in Qubes

I think I messed up big time. After finally getting into Qubes thank to the help of @Tbone, @_sy and @tzwcfq whose troubleshooting solved each problem I found myself facing during install, I think I’ve hit a brick wall that may brick my PC.

Updated: info from GRUB command line which I have zero experience with:

Loved playing around in Qubes and following the guides to learn it, only after reboot did I learn I can’t boot back to Linux Mint. I’m on a 1TB nVMe SSD that I partitioned in half to have both OSs but it seems the GRUB is only allowing me to load into Qubes. I try to find my own solutions if I can and so I did find tips on trying to switch from UEFI to Legacy mode but I have both OSs on UEFI.

Thanks to this, I have keyboard:mouse back: Can't use keyboard or mouse after installing sys-usb - #2 by 51lieal

If I boot into Qubes, I have no keyboard or mouse but if I stay in the command line, I have limited options to perform. All I can do is post photos since I cannot paste terminal code. Please help.

Still can’t dual boot/choose boot but at least I am able to get back into Mint first by changing efibootmgr order.