Can someone pls help solve the issue of vpn for chinese user

hello it looks like qubes are totally isolated from Chinese users, vpn issue mainly. HELP

Could you please be more specific about the configuration and what doesn’t work? It’s really hard to help you without much information.

hello thanks for quick reply
i tried to setup vpn in qubes (latest version) by following this: How to setup OpenVPN + Fedora(AppVM) for OVPN
when i got to the point of vpn username and password (by the way, is this the same as our vpn account credential?) then i tried to connect with vpn, it does not work. most likely case it is blocked in china, so i can not connect to server?

before able to connect vpn, we need to get around firewall of china first right?

Hi @feggg8899,

It sounds like either the IP address of your VPN server and/or the destination port of the packets your computer is sending out are being filtered by a firewall, LAN or WAN (or maybe even both).

If this is the case, that particular VPN server IP address and destination ports will not be able to be accessed from your current location, simply because of the firewall rules you find yourself under.

My suggestions:

  • Find the IP address of the VPN server you’re trying to connect to (it will be in your config file), and try to ping or nmap it.
    • That will tell you if it is at least reachable, or if it is blocked, then how it is actually blocked (deep packet inspection, IP blacklist, port blacklist, etc.).
  • Find another VPN server that isn’t blocked.
  • If you can’t connect directly to Tor, use a Tor bridge.
    • There are details of many bridges online. (Send me a private message if you need one).

Hope this helps.