Can someone help me please?

You don’t need the USB to show up here. This screen you’re on is the Qubes installer screen that is running from the (already booted) USB.

All you have to do is get this far again, and then complete the qubes install onto the 2TB HDD that you see on that screen.

It will need to wipe that HDD for the install.

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Yeah another dude told me that (I posted on 3 forums originally about trying to download Qubes to increase my chances of help) and he said to me that at 3:08, that’s the drive that you put Qubes ONTO, not what you boot from.

Because in the video it said “Select USB drive”, I thought the USB should’ve shows next to my HDD.

I spent all day trying to fix a non existent problem because of the wording of a video…

Anyways, thank you!

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So, you’re up and running now?

I’m about to restart the steps

Have you considered following the official installation guide instead?

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Yeah, but we all make stupid mistakes. And I learn better from people rather than words on a screen

It’s almost midnight, I’ll download Qubes tomorrow and hopefully be sorted

Hey man, so I finally installed Qubes! It works. Now I have some basic learning to do…

Would you be alright with giving me some tips?

I checked Whonix when installing Qubes, and when I go to Qube manager, the Whonix Gateway and Workstation template VMs are there. Just make absolute sure, that verifies that I don’t need to try and download Whonix, correct?

Also, how do I access the internet? I know Qubes-Whonix is based on using the Tor browser but I can’t just access Tor and use it like Google on Windows.

And downloading stuff - what’s the procedure there? Apparently you put it in a template VM (Fedora, Debian, Whonix), shut down that template VM, and open it in an AppVM? Confusion.

No point in having Qubes if I don’t know the safety features. If a qube was to get compromised, how would you know, and then shut it down and replace it?

I also got this when trying to open something:

Thank you once again!

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Welcome to the :petri_dish: !

Kudos to you & to @Gulam for support, well done!

Most of the answers you seek can/ought be found via the search function and/or seperate threads created.

Likely, correct.

It appears as though your current installation/configuration of Qubes is not happy with the (lack of) driver installed for your network interface. This is likely a “show stopper” (for now) which will impede availability of typical networking services within the Qubes eco-system.

Hey man,

So I did everything right. I’m on Qubes now. The problem now is, no matter what I do, my internet doesn’t connect. My Qubes very rarely shows the red internet icon at the top right and when it does, it says no internet connection. My Ethernet was plugged in from start to finish of installing this thing, and I’m assuming this is the reason why nothing related to Tor will load, and I won’t connect to any bridges. Unless there’s a simple fix that can get me up and running, because no other forum gives a straight explanation, I’m on the brink of uninstalling Qubes, wiping my HDD again, wiping my USB and installing Whonix on KVM on Ubuntu instead. I’ve lost all patience with this thing. I’ve spent about 4 hours trying to figure out an issue that should’ve never existed in the first place. Do you know the fix?

Thank you

what os you use for sys net? try changing them.

It might be something this simple to fix…

If you’re connecting thru Ethernet, first check that Ethernet controller is selected in sys-net devices.
If you’re connecting thru Wifi, check that your wifi controller is selected (if not select and reboot).
If you’re connecting thru sys-usb make sure your net controllers are added to sys-usb devices.

Welcome to Qubes - glad you are installed.

It’s very difficult to help without knowing more information.
What template are you using for sys-net?
What is the Ethernet device?
If you check the Settings for sys-net (you can do this from Qube Manager
or from the Menu), is the NIC allocated to sys-net on the “Devices” tab?
Does journalctl -b run in sys-net show any errors?

Let’s take it from there.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team. When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.