Can Shutdown Qube With External Drive Unmounted

Continuing the discussion from Storing large amount of files always crashes and corrupts qubes, is there something I'm doing wrong?:

I have noticed the past week or so, my vault can’t shutdown if I unmount an external drive before shutting down. I have to kill it every time. This even after a fresh install without network connection yet.
If I leave the external drive mounted while shutting down, it shuts down successfully.

One thing to consider is whether there might be a malfunctioning drive giving errors that the os isn’t reporting. You might want to install the smartctl disk utilities and run a diagnostic check on the physical drives you are using.

Any drive having builtin ‘smart’ support will keep track of any physical drive errors which then get logged onto the drive itself along with temperature and many other statistics. The Smartctl tools are how you can inspect those logs and run diagnostics on them.

If its your system drive you may need to either boot another system from a thumb drive to run low level diagnostics or install the tools into Dom0 in order to inspect the drives stored logs.

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