Can QubesOS use optical dejital audio connect?

I am using an Asrock B450 Pro4 and I am having trouble creating a USB Qube and am currently using Logitech USB speakers to get by. I am wondering if I can connect the QubeOS to the YAS-107 with an optical digital cable for music playback.

My house and area is a special place, and when I use analog speakers, they pick up radio waves and the radio plays through the speakers (I have recorded and saved them). So, I am thinking that if I can send a powerful radio wave to a specific house, I can sneak some sound through the speakers.

This is why we have been using USB speakers, but we want to improve the sound quality. If this doesn’t work, I have a Bluetooth dongle that worked for a while in the past, so I’m considering trying again.

My apologies. The B450 Pro4 did not have an optical audio jack to begin with. However, I would like to know if it is generally available if it comes with the motherboard.

There is always a chance that it won’t work due to Xen virtualization or missing drivers in kernel for this specific audio controller so it’s impossible to answer yes or no confidently. Generally it should work if it works in any other Linux distribution but you can’t be sure until you try it.

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Thanks, I guess you mean that the compatibility between QubesOS and hardware is the same for all functions, that we won’t know until we try it out. I think it’s a good possibility, but if I get a chance to upgrade my PC, I will try it and report back to HCL, etc.