Can Qubes Run on a Computer if It's Not on the HCL?

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The Harhdware Compatibility List (HCL) is a long list of computer for which there are reports of Qubes running great. However, the meaning of this can generate some confusion:

Let’s address this.

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In most cases, a new version of Qubes should work on the same hardware as well or better than the previous one. It’s just that nobody reported their experience with HP elitebook 840 G2 on Qubes 4.1 yet (and you could be the first one, which would be very helpful).

I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Users sufficiently technical will try the newer version anyway and/or report to the HCL. Other users… are probably better of waiting until their machine is listed.

There is no guarantee that a machine that ran R4.0 will also run R4.1 without issues.

… is not listed in the HCL at all. What is listed is the 820 G2 and the 840 G4. The later one by @GWeck who likely already installed R4.1 and may easily be able to send new report?

@Sven @fsflover Before downloading and installing Qubes OS, I looked at the HCL and saw that all the HPelitebook models whose configurations are closest to mine, are compatible to R4.0 or below (screenshot). Although my hp model is not listed, but its closest models are specified as R4.0-compatible. So I thought that mine would also be compatible to R4.0 and didn’t dare to install R4.1.

I did not know about it.

If you can, Go ahead and give 4.1 a shot. Report back either way. We might be able to help overcome any issues, or if it works out of the box, we can update the HCL accordingly.

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