Can not update dom0


I can not update dom0.

The problem comes long ago, I found a “solution” by setting the update VM on dom0 to sys whonix. With update VM sys firewall I got “/usr/liv/ No such file or directory”.

With update VM sys whonix it worked well for a long time. But now it can not reach any update server (also changed some tor ips, but without any effect).

I did nothing on dom0 and nothing of sys firewall or sys whonix. Just updated them in a regular way.

Anyone any idea?
best regards

try using any fedora-based AppVM as update proxy? E.g. personal or work?

ok, good idea…
it works.

BUT… how can i solve the real problem? :slight_smile:

not sure about sys-whonix, but is your sys-firewall debian-based?

sys-whonix was just a “solution” for the problem with sys-firewall.
sys-firewall is on debian 10, yes.